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Travelling by bus from Hyderabad to Proddatur

Proddatur being located in Andhra Pradesh is known for its gold and cotton industries. The large-scale gold business attracts a big number of visitors to this city. Apart from these, it also holds several places of worship, various styles of churches and mosques. Having heard of this place, I decided to travel from Hyderabad to Proddatur by bus in a weekend. Going ahead with my travel plans and fun activities, I booked online tickets from redbus; this made my job easier and assured a secured booking procedure too.

Hyderabad has for been ages referred to as the City of the Nizams. When you visit this beautiful place you will realise that it is one of the perfect mixes of the old and the new cultures that blend together as it is meant to! In recent times, Hyderabad has undergone rapid industrialisation and commercialisation. However, the old charm of the city coexists with the new age structures. Hyderabad is one such city that has one of the richest cultural histories of the country making it a must visit destination amongst the tourists. The city witnesses lakhs of tourists every month thanks to the heritage monuments that have been preserved quite well!! The best part about this city is that the old mosques and bazaars lie parallelly to the commercial buildings with glass facades. A casual stroll on the streets of this city will give you a glimpse of the glorious past of this city. One of the most significant landmarks in Hyderabad is the Charminar which is a structure built out of granite and limestone. The structure houses four minarets with each facing different sides.

I was travelling in an AC sleeper bus that took off from Panjagutta in Hyderabad at 10:30pm and reached Proddatur at 6am the next day. Staying in a bus for almost 9 hours was tiresome yet the bus gave rest stops and the gentle staff took good care of the passengers. They bus provided blankets, pillow and TV installed for all individuals.

I had plans to sight some of the temples situated in Proddatur including India’s biggest Kanyaka Parameswari Temple, the Sri Rameswaram Temple, the Ayyapa Swami Temple, the Shivalayam Temple and the Satyanarayan Temple. Along with temples, the city also has mosques like the Khadar Hussain Masjid, the Noorani Masjid, to name a few. Apart from these, Proddatur also houses churches like the Penthe Kostu Machine Church, the Shalom Church, the RCM Church and the Bethania Church, among many others. Each place of visit was remarkable and I cannot afford to miss any of these. I also wanted to taste the delicious sweet called ‘Tangedu Palle’ of Proddatur that is prepared specially with lots of ghee.

The city of Proddatur is connected well via roadways making it feasible for a majority of people to commute seamlessly from Hyderabad. The bus passed through beautiful landscapes and vibrant towns. I stayed at my friend’s place in Proddatur and shared lovely moments of my trip with her.